Colleen Hammond


Colleen Hammond

I help women in their 40s who want to look and feel fascinating, figure out what to wear to look more like Kate Middleton than Kim Kardashian.

I’m on a mission to empower women to cultivate their self-worth and to teach them to be beautiful — from the inside-out. For over 30 years as I worked as a fashion model and television personality, I noticed something different about the successful women I worked with: Those who felt good about themselves tended to rise the ladder faster and earn more. It took me decades to learn what I share with you in my programs: how to dress for your body type, discover colors that flatter your hair, eye color, and skin color, gain the knowledge you need to shop with confidence and build a smart, chic wardrobe that suits your lifestyle.  I’ve shortened the learning curve for you so that you can benefit from my three decades of studying fashion and image impact in a fraction of the time it took me to gain this knowledge.


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