Content Marketing Manager

Wanted: A highly-organized & creative Content Marketing Manager

  • If you are obsessed with the art and study of social media and have successfully lead a team of viral content creators…
  • If you have an advanced, in-depth understanding of how the algorithms differ on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest…
  • If you have a strong sense of what is around the corner on each of these platforms and can predict trends… 
  • If you are detail-oriented and make lists and schedules in your sleep…
  • If you can problem-solve and lead a team of editors and account managers
  • If you are a leader who knows how to motivate and value team members so that they can do their best work…
  • If you can repurpose, break down and reimagine content across multiple platforms…



Team Johnson is looking for a CONTENT MARKETING MANAGER. The responsibilities of this contract include overseeing content creation across multiple channels, developing the larger Team Johnson content strategy, managing our various video editors, copywriters, and social media managers, repurposing content already being created, and working with the marketing team to fill in gaps in our marketing calendar.

To be successful as a CONTENT MARKETING MANAGER, you must be a social media strategist first and foremost. You must adapt to an audience’s preferences and understand what content will hit RIGHT NOW on our channels. Here’s the tea: you will not be working for a run of the mill company that doesn’t understand social media. Team Johnson is a leading expert in organic social media – so you need to have significant experience and knowledge to add value to our team. We teach social media and we are on the cutting edge of trends and strategy. You need to be too.

You must also have incredible attention to detail and organization. Hundreds of pieces of content will pass through you each month. You will get to be creative too! Our ideal candidate will be able to watch the IG stories of our founder and successfully repurpose that content to hit several objectives for our multiple brands. Lastly, you must be skilled at managing the work of freelancers from all over the world. You’ll need to help keep everyone on track and pumping out dozens of pieces of content every day.

This position is open to anyone in the world. You will be working remote as a contract. You must speak fluent English and be (mostly) available during US business working hours. Team Johnson is based in the US, but we have a fully dispersed team.


You’ve Got to Have:

  • Understand the nuances and art form of organic social media
  • Deep experience in Canva
  • Some experience using video editing tools (such as Video Leap or CapCut)
  • Must have a proven track record of creating successful organic social content
  • Must be super creative and understand big picture strategy
  • Must understand digital marketing
  • Must have impeccable organization and ability to keep a schedule
  • Manage large amounts of content and the freelancers who create/distribute it

What You’ll Do:

  1. Manage the social media calendar for our CEO and generate new ideas for content
  2. Oversee the social media calendar for our other brands and work with account managers on promotions 
  3. Oversee the execution of all social strategies and ensure content is in alignment with our company’s social media practices
  4. Work with marketing team to plan content around our marketing calendar
  5. Oversee the work of marketing freelancers (assign tasks, hold deadlines, give feedback, edit)
  6. Ensure that content is being used across multiple platforms with the intention of capturing leads, getting sales and increasing our reach
  7. Audit old content that might need to be replaced
  8. Analyze metrics and KPIs and make real time adjustments


  • Independent Contractor
  • $35 – $50 / hour depending on experience 
  • Works remote from anywhere in the world.
  • We expect this job to take 20-30 hours a week to complete but we are open to setting a monthly project rate.
  • You must have availability during US working hours. You’ll need to be available for real-time communication
  • Must provide your own tech, will use our software and accounts
    • Our tech stack: Slack, Google Suite, Dropbox, Asana, WordPress, Canva, CapCut, Descript, What’s App

About Us:

Team Johnson, Inc is the parent company of Chalene and Bret Johnson. Team Johnson houses a portfolio of brands in health, lifestyle, and business growth categories. All of our brands target women ages 35 to 60 and are designed to help make their lives easier, happier and healthier. We value people over profits, hate corporate speak, and love laughing and collaborating with each other.


To apply for this position, please send the following items to

  1. An Informal IntroductionHow do you currently spend your time? What other contracts/clients do you have?
  2. Content Marketing ExperienceWhat previous work and life experiences have equipped you with the skills you need to do this job? 
    1. Please link all social media accounts that you have been directly involved in and include summaries of the work that you did. 
    2. Please also include at least 2 specific examples (for example a carousel from IG, and a video from TT) from each of those accounts that you are particularly proud of and link those examples (no screenshots please).
  3. Organization – How do you manage large amounts of content? You’ll be overseeing 3 account managers working inside 5 brands across multiple channels. What tools do you use to stay organized? Describe a proven system for tracking, managing and evaluating content.
  4. Why You?Why are you qualified and excited for this opportunity? How does this contract align with your current goals and abilities?