How To Multitask Effectively

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Multitasking where you’re doing something PHYSICAL and using your MIND is perfectly acceptable. What you don’t want to do is multitask when it’s imperative to use brainpower back and forth between two activities. You can’t successfully do two things that require that type of brain focus, activity, and decision making. Sorry not sorry.

Picture this scenario: You’re sitting across from someone and sharing a story. At the same time, they’re on their phone and nodding yes, pretending they’re listening. But we all know that the whole time they’re creating an Instagram post!

Listen, I’m not an angel. I’ve done that, too, and it’s rude.

When you think about it, though, it’s pointless because the reason why people do this is because they think they’re saving time.

Well, you you’re not.

What you’re doing is toggling back and forth between both those activities.

The only type of multitasking I recommend to engage in – that, in my opinion, is perfectly fine and allows you to perform efficiently – is doing something physical while listening or talking.

Real life examples for me are:

  • Driving. I can be a defensive driver and, at the same time, wear a lapel mic and record a Podcast!
  • Cleaning. Let’s be honest, I outsource this because I would rather use my time to create. But, you know, sometimes cleaning is very therapeutic. When I feel really stressed out, I absolutely love going into my closet and organizing. Nesting. To me, heaven looks like the container store. TRUTH. And, now, I love doing this particular physical activity while listening to a podcast or an audio book – educating myself.
  • Exercising. I have this whole setup where I can do low impact cardio from my stationary bike and return/check emails, simultaneously. My muscles are moving, my blood is pumping – but I’m not going fast and concentrating on emails is easy breezy.
  • Relationships. When you meet with friends and do physical activities together, like: paddle boarding, running, hiking, etc. These kinds of things bring up the best conversations, right? I mean, isn’t there just something about getting outside in the fresh air – with a friend or loved one – that seems to take the conversation to a place where it might otherwise never go? This helps keep each of you accountable to your workout WHILE spending super quality time together.

That’s multi-tasking that makes sense.

What might be examples of multitasking gone wrong? Well…

  • Reading a mystery novel and at the same time listening to a health podcast.
  • Participating in a conference call and at the same time you’re on your computer designing info graphics.
  • Watching a television show and at the same time studying for finals.

Why? Well, you’re:

  • Not saving any time.
  • Hurting your brain.
  • Depleting your brain of glucose.
  • Causing your stress hormones to go up.
  • Doing less effective work.

Tell me in the comments below what sort of multitask-er you are! In the end, I hope you learned a thing or two about how to spend your time most efficiently!


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