How To Plan For A Video Online

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Before you film your first video, take out a pen and a piece of paper and do some planning. Here are 5 steps to guarantee your video content stands out from the overflowing crowd.

Plan ONE: Figure out who you’re speaking to.

It’s so helpful to think about one individual. Even though I, personally, know I have men watching, some teens, and those who are in their 70’s in a foreign country (who might not even speak English), I’m thinking about one person. I can picture what they’re wearing, how they’re sitting, and what they need. I know their occupation and understand the challenges they face.

See, when I do that, I can speak to YOU because I know how to be comfortable around one person. I know how to deliver exactly what you need.

Listen, if you need to convince your high school best friend to go on a trip with you, how are you going to speak to her? Quite differently than if you were to create a video with the mindset of talking to the masses about taking a particular vacation.

Really consider this person you’re communicating with on video. Think about:

  • What are their current struggles?
  • How they feel about themselves
  • Their income level
  • What activities they participate in
  • Who are they?

When you think about those things and you really dig in, you’re going to be able to make a connection through that camera lens that you would not be able to make if you’re trying to talk to everybody.

Tell me in the comments below who YOU are going to talk to today!

Plan TWO: Share your credibility within the first few moments of the video.

Often I’ve watched videos online thinking, “Okay. But now why should I be taking this person’s advice? What have they done? What’s their expertise?”

And if your credibility is seriously worth 100 pages of a resumé, I don’t care. You need to make it so succinct that you can state it in one or two sentences. Sorry not sorry.

Plan THREE: Share what people will feel.

Whether we’re talking about a content video covering internet marketing or helping your child to be more peaceful at bedtime or how to contour your makeup or absolutely anything, peeps are looking for change. Thus, early on in the video, share what your audience will experience from an emotional level. 

Plan FOUR: What can your followers expect when they watch your video?

As a general rule of thumb, you want to keep those bullet points between three and five. Make it short and get to it fast!

As a matter of fact, I love seeing videos where before you get to credibility, connection, empathy, feelings, emotion, and transformation… tell me what I’m going to get!

Step FIVE: What is your call to action going to be?

There must always be a CTA. You’re in charge of the relationship. So if you don’t give them something to do, you’ve left the relationship up in the air. Absolutely every single video you make needs a call to action.

If you finished a fantastic video, edited and everything, with no CTA… you might be thinking, “Oh no, now what do I do?” Well, easy! Your call to action can be added as a text overlay at the top of your video! It just takes a simple re-edit or you can even go into Youtube AFTER it’s been uploaded!

That said, the best call to action is when it’s just you & me, and I say to you…

You know what? I would love your feedback. Please list for me in the comments below what you thought about this video. And I would also love for you to subscribe! You know, it means a lot to me when you subscribe, rate, and share with your friends. I really appreciate that.

That’s a simple call to action for you.

I hope you found these video planning tips easy breezy and of use! Most importantly, I’d love to see you put them into action today! Online video, especially those that are LIVE, are giving businesses exposure and the ability to dominate like nothing else seen in history! YOU. GOT. THIS.


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