Another Victim Shares Her Plastic Surgery Nightmare

Preamble: These are not the type of episodes I prefer to record, but they are absolutely necessary right now. 

Today, I share another story from a victim of the plastic surgeon. This interview was recorded about a year ago and hasn’t been released until now (for many reasons). But the truth needs to come out. 

Trigger warning: Due to the highly sensitive and graphic subject matter, this episode may not be something you want to listen to — but this woman’s story needs to be heard and shared. 

It’s time to put pressure on the California Medical Board and our legislation! Please share this episode!


You’ll find out:

  • Why I haven’t released so much of the information (I’ve had for a while) yet
  • One of the best ways to protect good surgeons
  • What inspired the guest to seek plastic surgery
  • How her initial video consult went with the doc
  • The victim’s experience with the doctor in-person, pre/post surgery
  • The surprising up-to-the-minute news re: the doctor (which I received immediately before this ep aired)
  • My plea to YOU to be in touch with all those mentioned below



Important Information:

  • Medical Board of CA
  • Email:
  • Orange County DA
  • Email: Todd.spitzer@DA.OCGOV.COM 

Hospitals still has privileges and performing surgeries 

  • Voice Your complaints to Hoag Hospital 
  • Director of Plastic Surgery 
  • 800-400-4624
  • 949-764-8220
  • Voice Your complaints to Anaheim Regional 
  • Director of Plastic Surgery 
  • (714)999-6113
  • (714) 774-1450
  • Voice Your complaints to Saddleback Memorial Hospital
  • Director of Plastic Surgery 
  • (949)458-5600
  • Andrew Smith 
  • (949)-264-0938
  • Email Deputy Attorney General 
  • California Medical Board info
  • Email them at:


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