Podcast – Answering “VERY Personal” Questions from Listeners

Today, I answer voice messages you, the listeners, sent my way. And some are quite personal! But hey, there’s one thing I do not get and that is… offended! So, feel free to DM/record your questions and you may just find them answered on The Chalene Show, too!


Questions answered:

  • Have Bret and I always been as intimate as we are now (including, during our most challenging times)?
  • Am I vaccinated (and the decision behind it)?
  • Why did we decide not to vaccinate Bob?
  • The 4 different types of responses to trauma
  • What I’ve learned about myself since the plastic surgery experience
  • What strategies would I put in place (to become successful) if I were doing life on my own?
  • Do I see myself as resilient?
  • Best tips and tools for a mom (and couple) with ADHD/Time Blindness
  • How I continue showing up online and in my business in spite of challenging personal times



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