Podcast – Breaking My Silence | Plastic Surgery FAQ

I’m done being silent about my plastic surgery experience. It’s time to speak my truth without being worried about repercussions. In this episode, I’ll take the most asked questions and provide full and honest answers.


You’ll find out:

  • The strange emotional place I found myself in after I first shared my plastic surgery experience (on The Chalene Show)
  • Why I’m finally now sharing my doctor’s name
  • How the doc committed a HIPAA violation in regard to me)
  • Why I’m finally now sharing my truth
  • The heartbreaking story of a woman who died because of this doctor
  • How plastic surgeons have become a protected class
  • Will I ever do plastic surgery again?
  • How to know what you’re getting when choosing a plastic surgeon (i.e., how to find the right one)
  • Why you can’t make your decision on a plastic surgeon based on reviews online
  • My thoughts on Linda Evangelista’s plastic surgery experience
  • How the doctor is able to show the videos/images he shows online
  • Why I’m particularly happy right now
  • My hair in the morning (perhaps the juiciest part of the show)
  • How the podsquad has been so instrumental throughout this whole process
  • Our upcoming trip and how it may or may not affect Bob



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