Decisions That Will Make You More Money | with, Bret Johnson

This past weekend, I showed glimpses of my NYC apartment rental on Stories. Well, those Stories blew up with thousands of people asking “how much!?” and “how can you afford that!?”

It didn’t take long to realize the level of scarcity mindset so many struggle with. So, this week I’m dedicating my episodes to exactly that!

First up: Today, Bret answers all of the financial / money 101 questions sent our way. Topics include: credit cards, buying a home, what to invest in, etc.  

Disclaimer: Bret is not a financial advisor — he’s simply sharing his personal (very experienced) opinion. This is for entertainment purposes only.


You’ll find out:

  • The difference between a mutual fund and a savings account
  • The first step (to save money) if you’re just starting out
  • What is a syndicated apartment deal
  • Bret’s favorite stream of income
  • Did Bret and I use debt to build our streams of income?
  • “I have X amount in savings and X amount of debt – what should I do?”
  • How to prioritize paying off debt vs saving vs investing
  • Where most of our investment money went this year
  • Thoughts on cryptocurrency
  • What should you do with an inheritance (after, also, simultaneously being laid off)
  • “Should I start investing if I’m $20k in debt?”
  • “What should I do with only $100 to invest?”




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