Podcast – How to Expand your Money Mindset with Chalene and Brock Johnson

Why is it that so many people have an ‘All or Nothing’ mindset around money? Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I already have a job” or “I have to stay in the same financial position” or “I can’t afford to hire someone for a few hours a week to help with daily errands” or “Making extra money online might work for others, but not me”??? Well, in this episode, Brock and I hit the podcast studio together and give both of our perspectives on this topic and how everyone can expand their money mindset!


You’ll learn…

  • Why some women have fear of being an entrepreneur
  • The most common mindsets that prevent people from making that shift
  • How you can alter your belief-system to want to experience what it’s like to make extra $$$$ online
  • The power of thinking long-term
  • What is and why you should have an abundance mindset around money
  • The benefits of getting started messy
  • My personal (risky) story which taught my kids the value of time spent on what matters 
  • Whether or not Brock learns more from podcasts or his college classes
  • Why college can be an asset



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