Podcast – Lashes, Sleep Supplements, Alzheimer’s, Adult Children, ADHD, Plastic Surgeons and More

In this episode, I share my latest false lash discovery, how I’ve been able to improve my sleep with Sleepi Gummies, battling the downside of hyper-focused ADHD, and getting back into a regular routine following my recent plastic surgery. I also share insights on staying out of my adult kids’ business, the guilt associated with moving Bob — who has Alzheimer’s — into a care facility, and the excited anticipation of my upcoming trip to New York City with Bret.

Is that enough juice for one episode!?

So, jump in the car and fasten your seatbelt because it’s time for a little chat with your best friend and bossy big sis.


You’ll hear:

  • My experiences with lash extensions
  • Why I hate certain maintenance appointments
  • Different brands for fake lashes I’ve been testing out
  • The bigger picture, for me, re: my whole plastic surgery experience
  • How people continue to reach out to me re: plastic surgeons
  • What inspired my interest in sleep/vitamin/medication gummies
  • My trajectory in working with Soul CBD re: creating sleep gummies
  • Details on Cierra moving back home (and why it’s been so great)
  • My thoughts on moving in with your partner before marriage
  • Why kids between 18 -23 need their own name (such a hard age group!)
  • Why not working out lately was kinda nice (to be honest)
  • An update on Bob
  • Why I feel guilty re: Bob



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