Podcast – My Day In Court

Friday episodes have quickly become a fan favorite and this week should be no exception! Today, I spill the tea on my first day in court (re: plastic surgery nightmare)! I’ll give you a full rundown on the court proceedings, the plan of action going forward, and detailed affidavits — trigger warning: some may want to skip this part of the episode — from former staff and patients. 


You’ll find out:

  • What my attorneys told me to expect for the court appearance
  • The (not so surprising) manner in which the doc showed up for the appearance
  • What is mediation
  • What is an Anti-SLAPP Motion
  • Why we have filed an Anti-SLAPP motion
  • Why you can’t trust personal/public recommendations re: the quality of a surgeon
  • What I feel the doc is doing to intimidate me
  • Future court dates
  • How my 1st Amendment rights are fueling me to
  • Why/how this whole experience is not about me
  • The fascinating documentary re: patients
  • Why I’m losing more followers than I’m gaining
  • Statements from past patients and past staff
  • What I appreciate SO MUCH about you, our community

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Public Court Document

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