Podcast – My Mistrial, Bob, Sick of Covid, Tijuana, Day Drinking, Leather Pants, Tanning, Patreon Update

Friday episodes have quickly become a fan favorite and this week should be no exception! I spill the tea on everything going on in my life.


You’ll find out:

  • Where I’m currently visiting and why
  • Why some people got offended during last week’s episode
  • Bob’s Covid story
  • Bret and I talk vaccinations and CA mandates
  • My virtual court appearance
  • Why I feel the doctor’s attorney pulled a BS move
  • Ridiculous insurance policies re: malpractice
  • Why I posted a thirst trap Reel
  • Why I don’t go in the sun to tan
  • Why Bret is feeling stressed
  • Bret’s motto on paying off invoices
  • Why we’ve decided to pump the brakes on Patreon
  • Why you always have permission to change your mind
  • Bret’s opinion on my best Reel this month



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