Podcast – Lifer Update | My Plastic Surgery Nightmare

Trigger Warning: This episode includes highly sensitive material (e.g., graphic descriptions of surgeries, adult language/situations, etc.). Needless to say, this is not your typical lifer update (and kids should not be listening). Today, I get super real and candid as I speak my truth regarding the unbelievable — and downright scary — details following my elective plastic surgery. 


You’ll find out:

  • Why you should talk to surgeons about other surgeons you’re considering
  • How to know you’re working with a good surgeon
  • How I found the doctor I eventually chose as my surgeon
  • The ONLY thing I want to come from sharing this story
  • The awkward, strange, inappropriate, offensive, rude details behind my first consultation
  • Circumstances that led to me turning down the volume on my own intuition
  • Why I, regretfully, ignored the red flags and booked my surgery with this surgeon
  • My shocking, scary, vulnerable day-of-surgery experience
  • The bizarre and awkward details surrounding my post-surgery (incredibly painful) lymphatic massages
  • My tense one-on-one with a massage therapist that, ultimately, was the impetus for me wanting to change doctors
  • My response to those upset with me for not sharing the doctor’s name
  • What you should expect when going to a plastic surgeon (AKA the ultimate standard of care)
  • My experience with the Patient Care Coordinator
  • Why I’m reticent to share the doctor’s name publicly
  • Why I suggest going to Yelp for reviews vs RealSelf
  • The surprising details around the doctor coming to my home (to plead his case) and my intention for his visit
  • The only reason I’m sticking my neck out on the line and looking further into this doctor and his practice
  • Details around my consulting the medical board
  • My reminder as to all the things I did wrong
  • The importance of listening to your gut instinct
  • Why you shouldn’t rush into plastic surgery



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