Podcast – What You Need to Know When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon, with Melinda Farina AKA The Beauty Broker

Ever since I opened up about my recent plastic surgery nightmare experience, many people have reached out with questions. Most specifically, asking how to choose a plastic surgeon who is reputable — truly representing the reviews written. So today, I welcome Melinda Farina aka The Beauty Broker (patient advocate specializing in plastic surgery for over 20 years). We discuss all things plastic surgery, including what you should and should not be looking for when choosing a doctor.


You’ll find out:

  • Why you always have to question patient-review sites
  • Melinda’s backstory
  • How long Melinda has been building her consulting agency
  • Melinda’s original goal with her agency
  • How her business model has changed over the years (to ensure safety for patients)
  • How Melinda vets her plastic surgeons
  • Why most excellent surgeons don’t need social media
  • Why people are often duped by credentials and followers, etc., re: doctors
  • How aesthetic style (ethnicity, skin, etc.) affects the type of surgeon who may be best for you
  • Why you can’t afford NOT to hire a consultant for your plastic surgery needs
  • Why research (re: plastic surgeons) is smoke and mirrors these days
  • An easy fix to ensure the efficacy and trustworthiness of review sites
  • How review sites often lose their legitimacy
  • What people believe they need to do when picking a plastic surgeon vs what they should actually be doing
  • Questions you want to ask a prospective plastic surgeon
  • What is a fellowship re: doctors (and why some docs run them)
  • Advice for women who may feel intimidated asking their prospective doc questions
  • Melinda’s thoughts on combining procedures
  • Should you go to a doctor who specializes in one or many procedures?
  • Melinda’s controversial thoughts on injectables
  • Shifts in stigma re: plastic surgery
  • What surgeons are easily able to hide from the public
  • Will most plastic surgeons require you to complete a binding arbitration?
  • Why/how patients are intimidated by surgeons
  • Thoughts on the trend of going outside of the country for surgery
  • Thoughts on doing multiple (front and back) surgeries at once
  • General checklist of what to look for when seeking a plastic surgeon



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