Podcast – Why We Ignore Red Flags, Gut Instinct and Intuition

This isn’t your typical Friday Lifer Update. As a regular listener of The Chalene Show, you know I’ve been going through it lately. And, through it all, one common theme/question continues to resurface for me… why do we ignore red flags? 

The fact that our gut instinct can be hijacked by the brain is consuming me.

I mean, why is it that some people ignore their gut instinct and others pay attention to it? And when exactly should we listen to our intuition? Is it always right?

So, as I do, I decided to dedicate this podcast to this super important topic. Because — it’s crucial to understand why we do the things we do, especially when we KNOW they’re not in our best interest.


You’ll find out:

  • How I’m able to process things
  • Why I haven’t made public all the details of my Plastic Surgery Nightmare
  • The thing I continue to think about
  • What happens when you ignore your gut instinct
  • Why you may have shame or doubt re: your gut instinct
  • How fear of missing out plays into life decisions
  • Why we often misinterpret people’s actions
  • Why we really need to evaluate risks
  • Questions you ask yourself that shouldn’t be ignored
  • How people pleasing might steer you to self-harm
  • What led to the moment I made the decision to take action and change surgeons
  • The question I learned to ask myself (to protect myself)


Podcast By Chalene Johnson – Why We Ignore Red Flags, Gut Instinct and Intuition


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