Podcast – I’m Being Sued By My Plastic Surgeon

I was super excited to be interviewed by Heather McDonald — on her Juicy Scoop Podcast — and reveal my entire Plastic Surgery Nightmare experience. Within hours of publishing, it was removed due to legal reasons.

But I will not be deterred. I decided to republish my version — despite the legal threats. This message must be heard and changes need to be made to the medical industry. And I’m determined to do just that. 

If you want to look up the lawsuit filed by Dr. Mowlavi against me, here is the information:

Superior Court of the State of California, County of Orange Case No: 30-2021-01226133-CU-DF-CJC


You’ll find out:

  • My dear friend, Mindy Lawhorne, joins me in NY
  • Thoughts on New York life vs Texas life re: vaccination cards
  • The amazing work of the PodSquad, including one member who scored a killer job due to her investigative work on the plastic surgeon
  • The journey with Heather McDonald re: telling my story on her show and how our episode got taken down
  • How Dr. Mowlavi’s team tried to gaslight me
  • My thoughts/feelings re: Heather having to pull our episode
  • What I am able to share with you, today, from our interview

My interview with Heather includes:

  • Why I sought plastic surgery
  • What my original doctor told me re: the surgeries I wanted to
  • How I heard about Dr. Mowlavi
  • The red flags re: the doc my friend and I ignored from the very beginning
  • My initial consultations with the doctor
  • Why I started to get nervous right before surgery
  • Details on pre / day of / post surgery (all full of horribly inappropriate moments)
  • The moment I decided to change doctors
  • Stories of devastating firsthand experiences due to this doctor
  • My agreement with Bret re: how we’re going to proceed in this mission



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