Podcast – This Sucks. But, I’m Okay…

In today’s episode, I get vulnerable and share the intimate details of transitioning a loved one into a care facility, how Bret and I are coping with the changes, the impact it has on family, the helplessness we have felt through the process and the hopefulness we feel today. In addition, while I’m limited in what I can share in regard to my (ongoing) traumatic plastic surgery saga, I’ll open up about the emotional toll the experience has had on me. 

It’s okay to not be okay and to prioritize healing mentally and physically. There’s a lot going on in our PodSquad — which has grown to over 18k. It’s where we hang out to talk about all this stuff. If you listen to the show, you’re invited to join our awesome PodSquad on Facebook here! Or just send me a DM on Instagram with #podsquad and I’ll send you the link!


You’ll find out:

  • Why it feels irresponsible to record The Chalene Show at this time
  • What happened with sponsors of TCS during my hiatus
  • Refresher course as to why I’ve been taking a break
  • Family dynamics and relationships that are currently unhealthy
  • Why we fell in love with the care facility for Bob
  • The painful experience re: leaving Bob at the facility
  • How I could tell the updates on Bob (from the facility) were authentic
  • Why I feel called by God to be in my current position re: plastic surgery experience
  • How I focused on other peoples’ traumas during my own
  • Why I’ve been scared and confused, as of late
  • The inner dialogue that has currently been challenging me
  • My issues with the law re: our right to know certain things (to make informed decisions)
  • What this very difficult time has taught me
  • How my faith plays a role during this time
  • Update on my visits (finally!) with Bob
  • The place we went to that helped in finding a place for Bob
  • Why I feel more hopeful, today, than hopeless
  • Why I’m grateful for trying times



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