Podcast – Vitamin D for Weight Loss, Immunity, Energy and Longevity

Recently, as people are becoming hyper-aware of their immune system, interest around vitamins and supplements has grown exponentially. So, I decided to dedicate this podcast to all things Vitamin D because, quite frankly, it’s the motherload! It can help with immunity, weight loss, energy and longevity! After listening to this episode, you’ll be racing for that Vitamin D — guaranteed!


You’ll hear:

  • Why vitamin D isn’t really a vitamin at all
  • How to naturally produce adequate levels of Vitamin D from the sun
  • What kind of diet supplements more Vitamin D in your body
  • What supplements you should take with Vitamin D3 for maximum benefits
  • Why you should test for vitamin deficiencies
  • Where to get K2, what it is and why you need it



Vitamin D should be covered by most insurances, talk to your doctor about having your levels tested. However, if you want to get it tested on your own, or can’t wait to be seen by a doctor, then take your health into your own hands with this at home Vitamin D Test from EverlyWell.


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YouTube Video “D is for Debacle”

Research Vitamin D levels appear to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates

Indonesian Study –  Patterns of COVID-19 Mortality and Vitamin D

High blood pressure Research – “Does Vitamin D Deficiency Lead to Hypertension?” and “Can vitamin D deficiency cause high blood pressure?”

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