Working Through The Trauma Of My Plastic Surgery

Do not listen if you’re looking for unicorns and rainbows. Insert all the Trigger Warnings right here. 

So, I did a consultation this week for many of the revisions needed from the botched plastic surgery that happened in August. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the emotional meltdown that quickly followed. Surgery in itself is a trauma, and this experience is so complex. 

I promise that I’m okay! And I don’t want you feeling sorry for me and I don’t want my DMs crowded with super caring messages of concern. Don’t you dare! Just letting me vent and be real is the greatest gift. 

Thank you for listening. It means more to me than you know.


You’ll find out:

  • Who I hired to vet plastic surgeons and the recommendations she gave me (post surgery)
  • Thoughts on doctors and their social media following
  • One of the major reasons I want these scars removed
  • The trauma response I experienced during the consultation
  • One of the ways I realized I distract myself from my own trauma/results
  • Why I get mad at myself for getting mad at the situation
  • Why having this podcast is incredibly helpful for me
  • The status of the legal case (and why I don’t stress about it)



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