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Inquiring minds always seem to want to know: Is there actually a best time of day to exercise? On the list of main excuses people give for not working out on the regular… the #1 reason continues to be: SHORT ON TIME. Hence, for the majority of us, the ideal hour to exercise is going to be when it’s most convenient for our individual schedules! All that said, while there are always exceptions, I do believe in some generalities in regard to exercise. So, we’re opening this week’s Snapshot with THE optimal time of day to get your gym on! In other chats: Why you should track your food intake, why we have the wrong definition of success, and a healthy recipe that serves as a delicious alternative to peanut butter cheesecake! It’s about to get tasty… so let’s get to it!


Running IconWorkout Chat – The Best Time Of Day To Exercise

Studies that revolve around whether to exercise in the morning / noon / night are ever expanding, but still quite limited. Not to mention, controversial. On the whole, if you can stick to a time (however random) and find yourself showing up to your workouts consistently, then you’re doing better than the majority of humanity and well on your way to seeing positive results!

Ideally, though, if time weren’t an issue… you’re going to want to find what works best for YOUR body and mind! We all have different genetic makeup, so there is NO one standard for all when it comes to exercise (and health, in general). Things will always vary from person to person in regard to fitness and individual goals, like:

  • Time of day to work out
  • Cardio before or after weights
  • Working out the same muscle group however many times a week

Heart IconHealth Chat – Why You Should Track Your Food

Life is full of ups and downs, so it’s normal that our eating habits might reflect this haphazardness. Some nights we go to bed freakin’ elated as we look back on our eating patterns from the day. And then… there are other nights we look back at our food intake and realize we veered way off course. That is why keeping track of our food can make all the difference. This is easily achieved by way of an app or SmartLife Push Journal, etc. Once you make this a daily practice – meal by meal – you will feel a sense of control. Leading to freedom. See, the simple neurology of writing out what you’ve eaten, measurements and all, and then seeing it before you… is often the catalyst for many to live according to a whole new healthy standard.

We encourage you at ONE3ONE Method to track your food / drink intake for a short while. The eventual goal is to intuitively do it on your own. Look, Bret, my husband, has been tracking his food lately and seriously learned a few surprising things! His story serves many, so give it a click and let us know what you think in the comments below!

As mentioned above, the SmartLife PUSH Journal was designed to keep you on point with all your goals – whether it be business, relationships, finance, spirituality, or nutrition. There’s legit a section dedicated to help you track your meals. Not to mention, water intake! I truly can’t think of a better way to start tracking your nutrition than with this 90 Day Goal Planning Set!

Oh, while we’re on the subject of all-around nutrition, I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring to your attention the ONE3ONE Hydration Set! According to thousands, it’s proven to be the most effective way to ensure you’re drinking your daily recommended amount of water. The bottles and carry bag are so cute, too. Win / win!


Person IconPersonal Development Chat – Why We Have The Wrong Definition Of Success

Materialism has a reputation, deservedly so, for being a gross word. The best way to describe it, I think, would be an individual who has a voracious need to acquire physical things believing it will bring on a happy and fulfilling life. You know… the more you have, the sweeter your everyday will be. Honestly, on some level, most of us have thought this way and/or continue to do so.

Research in the area of happiness has shown that our brains have become conditioned to think that buying fun new things will make us happy. Sadly, this is not the definition of happiness. I want you to think of happiness as longterm, whereas pleasure is in-the-moment. For example, we usually aren’t thrilled during an intense gym session, but always happy afterward!

Why is it that most people’s vision boards are riddled with fancy homes, cars, and the like? They are stuck on the WHAT and forgetting the WHY. I’ve lived this firsthand. Let me elaborate so that you can find out HOW to achieve the right kind of success…


Eating IconFood Chat – Healthy And Delicious Peanut Butter “Cheesecake” Recipe!

Aren’t we constantly on the lookout for ways to introduce (or substitute) healthier ingredients to our fave meals and snacks – without sacrificing taste? And sure, those health benefits are crazy amazing… but what’s even cooler is when, all of sudden, your new dish tastes just as good – if not better – than the original! Your body will reap all these added health benefits while your palette won’t know the difference!

Examples (items on left are the healthier substitute):

  • Quinoa > Rice
  • Coconut Oil > Vegetable Oil
  • Almonds > Croutons
  • Coconut Flour > Flour
  • Monk fruit > Sugar
  • Baby spinach > Iceberg
  • Greek Yogurt > Sour Cream

Now, as you’ll see in the clip below, I’m using a specific tart yogurt in my healthy dessert variation. Personally, I LOVE it. But, it’s not for everyone! Remember, this recipe is just to illustrate and remind that there are healthy and delicious alternatives out there. Just play, get creative, and find your fave! I’m dying to hear in the comments any of your secret ingredient swaps!



Thanks so much, Lifers, for reading till the end here!

Hey, leave a comment and let me know your best takeaway from this week’s Snapshot! Means a lot to me knowing if/how your life was impacted for the better! As you know, that’s my daily mission!

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  1. I just love you and your spunk and your habits! You are such a blessing to my life! Thank you for these great tips!!

  2. Thanks for always being you and staying relevant. That’s the huge takeaway for me. I need to see what works for you so I can determine what works for me. I love the tips and how often you acknowledge that one size does not fit all. Thank you for being a part of my journey to physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. 😘😘

  3. Hey Chalene – I haven’t even read the content yet but I wanted to tell you I really like the new formatting of your weekly email. No I’m off to get my knowledge on!

  4. Chalene: I enjoy following you so very much. I feel that you are very honest, straightforward. I like that you make it clear that we are all different and that we all need to try and test what works for our body, our minds. Thank you for always being you and always spread your positive energy.

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