Snapshot | 88% Of Patients Are Misdiagnosed

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This week’s Snapshot is particularly special because it leads us into Mother’s Day weekend! Whether you are a mother, have a mother, or know a mother… you’ll find an awesome takeaway today. We’re going to get a little spiritual and a lot healthy! First up, did you know that 88% of patients are misdiagnosed? That is legit unacceptable. My goal is for you to be a more informed patient, so you’ll find some tips on just that! What else? A heart to heart on realizing God’s purpose for your life, why it’s important to understand how your body works, AND how to wash your produce the right way. Don’t worry, I don’t want you to be late for your Mother’s Day Brunch either, so… here’s a toast to mom and let’s get to this…

Health Chat – 88% Of Patients Are Misdiagnosed (and What You Can Do About It)

When we get sick, most of us seek medical advice from our doctors. We simply assume they’ll look at us, maybe run some tests, and then have all the solutions. The truth is, though, oftentimes they don’t. I mean, we are complex creatures, after all. And with that comes symptoms that are often hard to discern.

So, what happens when you don’t agree with said diagnosis? Or your body isn’t responding to whatever prescription you’ve been given? I’m hoping you get a second opinion!

Well, that’s exactly why many patients head to the Mayo Clinic. And in a 2017 study, it was noted that 88% of patients returned home with an entirely different or reformed diagnosis! That means only 12% of us receive a spot on original diagnosis!

You must become a better patient! Allow me to share some thoughts on how you can do this…



Personal Development Chat – When You Realize God’s Purpose For Your Life

Many people wander through life never finding their purpose. That thing that makes them want to wake up every morning with drive and passion. They’re searching hard. Seeking therapy, asking friends for advice, reading self-help books, hiring coaches… all in the hopes that somehow, somewhere their purpose will become evidently clear. What they forget is to look closer.

See, your life has led you down a certain path. There is evidence along the way indicating where you need to go and what you need to do. The problem is, most of us tend to think of passion / purpose / happiness as an object. Because of which, it’s forever out of reach.

In this next clip, I admit, I got a bit emotional. I’m hoping that it will serve you in understanding that sometimes why we’re here isn’t made clear to us in the beginning. But when you know, you must stay single focused no matter what obstacles cross your path.

As the clip above emotionally states, my purpose, through God, is to tell the truth about health. And that’s all 131, baby! There are just so many lies out there and it needs to stop. Help me by helping YOU get your life where it deserves to be. Next cycle begins on Monday, the 14th! SIGN UP TODAY!


Health Chat – Why It’s Important To Understand How Your Body Works

Life is always going to throw you surprises, right? It’s never predictable, no matter how safe we try and be. That’s a beautiful thing because, hey, otherwise we’d be automatons. We, as humans, are meant to experience:

  • failures to appreciate successes
  • darkness to see light
  • suppression to revel in freedom
  • challenges to feel gratitude
  • sickness to be thankful for well-being

Hopefully, as we get older and go through ups and downs, we learn from them. That’s the only way we can truly grow. And when a new hurdle comes along, we are that much better equipped to handle it.

Cue my not-a-big-deal-don’t-cry-for-me-Argentina current injury. In the past, I would’ve freaked out because it means no cardio (and legs days) for who knows how long. But now, through life experiences, I know better. Hit that PLAY to find out how you, too, don’t need to stress when things go unexpectedly wrong with your body… as long you have the tools.



Health Chat – How To Wash Your Produce The Right Way

Common sense would suggest that the majority of people know they should wash their fruits and vegetables before eating them. That doesn’t mean, though, that they do! It’s curious, to say the least, that even though we’re living in a time where hot button words like “organic” and “Monsanto” have become part of the vernacular, STILL consumers throw their produce in for a rinse less than 50% of the time! 

And while washing with plain old water is essential, it definitely helps a ton to add Eat Cleaner to your fruit and vege routine. Listen, you NEED to watch this live video from the 131 kitchen, featuring Chef Mareya (owner, Eat Cleaner) and Ashley Sweeney (head RD at 131 Method). They talk about the recent romaine lettuce recall, HOW to properly wash your produce, and more kitchen safety tips!


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Wishing all you mothers out there the most wonderful of wonderful Mother’s Day celebration!

You deserve it.




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