Snapshot | Can Fasting Help PMS?

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Plus! How To Get Your Teen To Do Something & The #1 Way To Make A Positive Difference In Someone’s Life!

Yes, I know, this week’s Snapshot arrives on Friday, the 13th… but no fear! There’s so much positivity happening around here that any thoughts of bad luck will quickly vanish into thin air. First, we begin with the cutest makeover ever. I’m talking about this website! Listen, after you’ve read and watched everything below, you MUST peruse. You’ll find too many goodies aimed at helping you live the coolest life ever! Like: podcasts, 131 Method, fitness, blogs, and more! Second, your headlining chat today – Can Fasting Help PMS – might just change your life. And what’s on deck? How to get your teen to do something and the #1 way to make a positive difference in someone’s life! So, yeah, no need to avoid any black cats, ladders, or mirrors! I got you, boo…

Health Chat – Can Fasting Help PMS?

Even though intermittent fasting (IF) has been been part of certain religious traditions for centuries, it’s only become mainstream in the last several years. Now trending within the wellness world, specifically amongst those who specialize in weight loss, it’s practiced for a whole host of health benefits.

Long story short, it involves cycles that include A) no food or B) limited amount of food for several hours or, sometimes, days.

Depending on your goals, fasting (as part of diet phasing) is instrumental to a healthy life. To master how to do it right FOR YOU, please check out 131 Method today!

And click here for my podcast – Fasting for PMS and Reproductive Health – where I’m really able to open up and give you all the info needed about fasting to help curb PMS!


Family Chat – How To Get Your Teen To Do Something

Parents are competing for their teen’s attention today like no other time in history. There are so many examples of this, but I think media (in all its forms) is probably the biggest culprit. Here’s but one example referencing just the last few decades:

  • 1995: the average teen watched 2.5 hours of TV every day
  • 2005: teens spend about 6 hours using media on the daily
  • Today: teenagers use social around 9 hours a day (nearly one-third of their life!)

Crazy, right?!

In addition to technology really changing the game for parents, there’s the usual alien-taking-over-my-kid’s-brain thing that happens to all teens. That infamous rebellious phase! 

So, how do we, as parents, handle this?

You must employ your inner Master Mother Manipulator, as I like to call it! Look, if you’re a parent of a teen or soon to be or will one day be, then I think you’ll find the following pointers most useful. But don’t show the kids! It has to remain our little secret.

My daughter, Cierra, has already begun to make huge strides in her business by using the PUSH Journal. #LeadByExample

And she’s only 18! Hey, whether you’re 18 or 88, it doesn’t matter. You can start changing your life to match your dreams TODAY when you crack open your PUSH Journal. What are you waiting for? Like, seriously, leave me a comment down below and tell me why you’re putting YOUR life on hold. Inquiring minds want to know.


Personal Development Chat – The #1 Way To Make A Positive Difference In Someone’s Life (ft. letter from a Lifer)

Honestly, while I don’t like using the word should, I do think you should aim to make a positive impact on someone’s life every day. Whoever it is. Your Starbucks barista, dentist, co-worker, or parent. 

Especially at such time where YOU have gotten over some major life challenge.

See, every hardship you’ve ever faced is part of God’s purpose – not your own. He has given you obstacles to work through. And this is where the magic comes in…

You serve His purpose by showing others how to avoid those pitfalls. And this is quite simply, I think, the #1 way to make a positive difference in someone’s life because – ultimately – you are ALSO serving God’s purpose while doing so.

Nothing means more to me than when YOU tell me I’ve made a positive difference in your life. Whether your life changed due to my workouts, online academies, 131 Method, or social media posts… I’m truly so honored and touched to know. But, I gotta tell you, there is ONE place – more than all others – where my impact on your life means the most to my heart and soul.

I hope you watch the next video because I’m sharing a very personal letter from a lifer who wrote to tell me about how this ONE place changed her life. Make sure you watch till the end because I tie it all together with life purpose and serving God. Can’t miss! #inspiration


As per usual, every chat above was pulled from my Snapchat, @ChaleneOfficial!

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Oh, and don’t forget to play around on this site! I think you’re gonna love it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and if any chat, in particular, really spoke to you this week!




2 responses to “Snapshot | Can Fasting Help PMS?”

  1. Goodness, I’ve been praying and exhausted with my teens, I’m a single mom, not really any close friends, mainly because I can’t simply go out or do things with them all the time.
    But I have two teens girls, who just rebel anything and everything, lately I’ve been sick, blood test came back my autoimmune is all off, more tests soon, but I’ve been on my phone alot because I feel so under the weather, my Dr put me on anti depressements which in it’s self is extremely depressing,
    Point is I’ve been extremely tired, in bed being lazy and on my phone ALOT!! And it does seem after I watched your videos that yes they are just following me!!! Aghhhhhhh it clicked
    I use to listen to your pod casts alot and work out then life just became crazy hectic and I feel like I’ve been drowning, no where to go and no one to talk to.
    Listening to you today was just what I needed to give me some hope. I know God has a plan
    Some days it’s just so hard to see
    Thank you thank you

  2. Hello! I was wondering if you had any research information on the effect of fasting on how nutrients in your food are absorbed. I naturally only want to eat during a short daily window, however forced myself to spread things out since everything told me I was overweight from not eating all day. I’d love to just eat during my “hungry” window but also have an iron deficiency and don’t want to slow progress correcting that. I’d love to know if there have been studies in this area you are aware of.

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