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Plus, How To Deal With Your Child Being Sexually Abused

Here we are, Lifers! The weekend before Christmas! The most magical time of year. Can’t you just feel the season stretching out in front of you? That certain buzz in the pine-tree-scented air. A flurry of end-of-year carols, gift wrapping, office parties, and Christmas cookie baking! 

But a flurry is a flurry, so no matter how jolly the festivities may be…

Chaos and stress will inevitably show their faces. 

Well, I need you well-rested so that you can be your best self. For you and those you love. That’s why your headlining chat features some tips and gadgets to help you get better sleep during the holidays!

Pour some hot cocoa and let’s get started!


Life Hack ChatLife Hack Chat – My Fave Sleep Gadgets!

With all the holiday parties, drawn-out family gatherings, and never-ending shopping and chores to finish, you may hardly have a second to catch your breath! Because of which, it’s not at all shocking that so many people suffer from restless nights this time of year.

A lack of quality sleep increases chances of holiday weight gain and can disrupt your fitness routine,” says sleep expert Nancy Foldvary-Schaefer, DO, MS, Director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Cleveland Clinic.

Here are 4 tips to ensure you’re doing well in the sleep department this holiday season:

  1. Keep up with your normal sleep routine
  2. Stay away from heavy meals at night
  3. Exercise, exercise, and exercise
  4. Wind down before bedtime

In regard to #4, you want do this, preferably, by setting your intentions for the following day (with your PUSH journal, of course!).

All that said, I LOVE me some sleep gadgets, too! They guarantee I’m sleeping like a pro. TBH, if there were a sport for Sleep, I’d easily qualify for the American team for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. And that’s sayin’ something because just a few short years ago I would’ve won the gold for “Worst Sleep Habits Ever!”

And you know I always got you covered…

Gadget #1

Gadget #2

Gadget #3

And here’s a few more that go with #3 (making guest appearances on Snap or IG on the regular):

Accessory 1

Accessory 2

Accessory 3


Family Chat – How To Deal With Your Child Being Sexually Abused

REAL TALK ALERT. This is a chat that needed to happen and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure where/how to fit it into your weekly Snapshot. You know, it doesn’t quite mesh well with the usual talks ranging from personal development to health to business to fitness to hacks to goals. 

So, I’m filing this under Family Chat and just going to let the video speak for itself.

Also, I thought it was very much relevant right before Christmas. Because nothing – and I mean nothing – is on every parents’ mind more this time of year than keeping their children safe, warm, and happy. As best we possibly can, for always.

Please watch this next video. It starts off silly (because that’s just me), but it seriously might be the most important conversation we’ve ever had. And, if you agree, maybe share with others and spread the message…


Stay safe. Stay warm. Stay bright.

From the bottom of my heart, I’m wishing you and yours the most beautiful Christmas ever.



3 responses to “Snapshot | My Fave Sleep Gadgets!”

  1. LVE LOVE LOVE that you talked about such a serious topic. I was sexually abused at the age of 3 and it caused PTSD that I have dealt with my entire life.

    I didn’t say anything because I was afraid but when I finally did at age 9 or 10 the school counselor didn’t believe me.

    I never got the help I needed as a child and was just emotionally and mentally messed up. I literally thought there was something wrong with me.

    I ended up hospitalized a couple of years ago and found out about the PTSD (and other crazy mental health issues) and finally am getting to know myself (by the way, I am a freaking rockstar!)

    I just have to say that I completely agree. If you have ANY suspicion, talk with your child and let them know that it’s okay for them to tell you anything…..

  2. Thanks so much for the product links and recipes!
    Wishing you and your family a blessed and joyous Christmas and a wonderful NYE celebration 🎉!

  3. My sons were molested by their gymnastics coach. He groomed ALL OF US. He became like a member of our family. My boys never told me…he made sure of that. The guy finally confessed after several older victims came forward. It was a nightmare for years…the trial, the guilt, the secrets. Therapy has helped most of us, except the one son who refused all help. He’s still a hot mess. YOU CANNOT TRUST ANYONE alone with your children. If you have little boys, DO NOT employ older boys and/or young men to babysit. If you have a coach who starts hanging out with your family, bringing your sons gifts, taking them to “fun” places…be suspicious. Pop in unexpectedly. Ask lots of questions about what they’re doing. And the first time your boys don’t want to go to practice, or have them as sitters, or any other indication of hesitation, listen carefully. This man stole our sons’ innocence, destroyed years of family memories, and has affected my sons forever. Thank you, Chalene, for not being afraid to address this issue. Remember…it’s not always the convicted sex offender you have to worry about. Many times the enemy is very close…

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