Snapshot | Should Toddlers Fly First Class?

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Plus! The Benefits Of Peel And Stick Wallpaper & When To Give Stuff Away For Free!

When October rolls around, all things Halloween start to creep into our brains. From carving pumpkins to costumes to scary movies to parties! No doubt, a lot of this excitement begins when we’re kids. As the years pass, through every stage of life, the holiday starts to take on different meanings. And if you ever have kids, it all comes full circle, right?

Oh, children! For all their blessings, it can’t be denied that once they enter the picture… everyday tasks are no longer everyday tasks. Hello, disruption in the Universe!

PROOF #7,444,301: Boarding a plane with your toddler!

Because this is something we’ve all experienced – from both sides – and flying season is about to get cray cray, let’s begin with what is considered a testy subject for many: should toddlers fly first class?

In other chats, we have a life hack (benefits of peel and stick wallpaper) and a cold-hard-truth business chat (when to give stuff away for free).

Break out that pumpkin latte, and let’s get to this!


Family Chat – Should Toddlers Fly First Class?

Last year, George & Amal Clooney traveled with their baby twins to London. They hopped on the plane prepared with a gift for their fellow first class passengers: noise-canceling headphones! Along with the magnanimous present was a note asking for forgiveness, in advance, for any outbursts their kids might make during the long flight.

Now, that is not something anyone flying first class with toddlers should be expected to do. However, the sentiment behind the action is, I think, very clear:

Most people freak the freak out when they spot a baby on a plane! I mean, what if she’s a screamer!? A kicker!? We look up and pray to the Lord almighty for that little human to be seated somewhere far, far away. Another plane, maybe? So, yeah, whatever can be done to assuage the situation… is most definitely appreciated.

The dilemma proves more sensitive when you add first or business class to the mix. Many people save up for the hefty price tag – which allows for better quality sleep, meals, and all-around comfortability.

All that said, lifers, my advice: always lead with empathy. What is the parent of that unhappy toddler going through?

Which brings me to today’s headlining video… or, shall I say, rant. My husband, Bret, and I recently found ourselves in a situation with a plane and a toddler. And if you know Bret, he’s not one to sugar coat his feelings. Don’t worry, any explicit language has been “bleeped” out, ha!

Hey, what do you think about this controversial topic?! Let me know in the comments!


Lifestyle Hack Chat – The Benefits Of Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper is, perhaps, the newest addition in the land of wall decor. And I’m obsessed! While regular wallpaper is a total hassle – with steaming, soaking, and products needed for removal – the peel / stick kind is easy breezy lemon squeezy!

To put the design up on the wall, all you need to do is… drumroll… peel and stick! That’s it. Like, seriously.

For the arts and crafty peeps out there, you can decorate all kinds of things with this specific wallpaper, like: stairs, dressers, shelves, and cabinets! Also, because they don’t tear when removed, they’re totally reusable!

And they come off flawlessly, inflicting no harm on the paint underneath. So, this makes them the perfect hack for anyone living in a rented home – where painting walls and/or putting up wallpaper is not an option.

Speaking of which, Cierra just moved out and into her own place – for the school year. And, ummm, any opportunity where I get to take control and get busy flexing my creative muscles, is NOT one I’m going to pass up. Plus, my daughter can’t get rid of me that quickly!

For my fave brick design (which I have in my podcast room at Team Johnson, too!) and a few tips on how to do this wallpaper right, hit that play!


If you’d like this removable wallpaper, I got you RIGHT HERE! 


Business Chat – When To Give Stuff Away For Free

TRUTH ALERT: If you’re looking to attract anyone to your business, give things away for free. If you’re looking to attract quality people – LIFERS – who are invested in YOU, consider charging.

Taking your business to the next level is about mindset. And that mindset is snapped into shape when you commit to something you determine to be of value. And, more often than not, in the world of business and self development, your brain is going to define value by what comes out of your bank account.

Don’t get me wrong. Freemiums, opt-ins, and the like definitely have their place. At times, they will serve you and your potential customers well. But you must practice restraint with this strategy.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level OR are considering jumping into a new venture, I think you’re going to love this little pep talk…


Ironically, TODAY just happens to be one of those times I’m giving something away. The difference being… I’m not looking to “sell”… You’re already here. At the very end of my weekly Snapshot. I KNOW you’re a lifer.

And to show my appreciation for your support, I wanted to give you a 100% FREE Social Media Guide that is guaranteed to increase followers, engagement & profits on Social! No strings attached. Enjoy!

Happy October, by the way!

For many, October is the start of the holiday season. With that certain feeling in the air that needs no explanation. It’s just all good.

I’m so happy to know that you and me and me and you will be together – again – creating memories for a lifetime.

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7 responses to “Snapshot | Should Toddlers Fly First Class?”

  1. I am with you, Bret…
    I took a long -12 hours!!! flight 3 days ago, Business class and a baby that would not stop screaming. I did not experience such a horrible flight in my life.
    If he cried just a few times, I would not be so pissed. I am a mother of 3, and I did fly business with my kids, but they never cried during flights. I would not feel comfortable sitting in business class letting the entire class hear my baby cry all night long. I would not be able to bear the embarrassment and guilt.
    I think that there should be some procedure that in a case of a toddler that continually disturbs the whole class, then after 3-4 times that complaints about the noise made to the aircraft staff, he would be excused from business class as long as he travels the with kids or something like that…

  2. Yes and no. Having that extra room for baby to move around can be golden to the parents. Just bc you’re in first class doesn’t mean you are better than anyone else. How about the people who fly coach and have to deal with a screaming toddler? Have sympathy and ask if you can help them. Then chock it up to being an adventure. Go home and sleep it off.

  3. I have sat in first class many times next to people who are WAY worse than sitting next to a baby or toddler. Talking loudly and obnoxiously to their neighbor. Listening to movies or music loudly without headphones so they can hear above the airplane noise. I never received an apology from any of those people. And they had just as much right to be in that seat as the parents and children traveling. It would be nice to have people be considerate and take notice when they are being disruptive, but I also wish for world peace. Sometimes we just have to grin and bear it.

  4. Well, we have flown all over the world in business class with our children in multiple ages starting when my oldest daughter was 3 months old and we took her to Norway. My third daughter made the same trip in business with me as a lap child with zero issues, no screaming, no kicking. When my girls were 11, 8 and 4 we moved to Europe and flew everyone in business. No issues, my girls were perfectly behaved. I guess I have seen the crazy unbehaved kids and I get it. However, I don’t want my kids judged and banned from traveling with me based on others poor behavior. Maybe my kids just grew up traveling so they know how to act?? Or maybe, I just told them what my expectations were! My girls are now 20, 17 and 13…lots of frequent flyer miles under their belts and lots of compliments from the flight attendants.

  5. Thanks so much for this! I just ordered the brick paper cause it was already in my cart (added last week) so, this was my sign from the design God (because I don’t think God actually cares if I get this) to order it!

    Thanks for the value you always share with me. I so appreciate you.
    Also, just a little update for you: I have been listening to the podcast for a month now and OMG. I have gained 700% engagement and almost met my 3000 goal for this month and it’s only the 5th.

    You’re a huge blessing,

  6. On the subject of whether toddlers should fly first class…I believe the toddler needs to stay with the parents, no matter what. If they’re concerned about the toddler making a lot of noise during the flight, maybe they should make sure the toddler is sleeping during it, or find some way to keep the toddler occupied so they won’t make a lot of noise. Just a few suggestions.

    Love the wallpaper idea – if I ever am in a situation where I have to rent again, I may consider it!

  7. I’m with Bret kinda… I do not think babies and toddlers should fly in first class. People pay far too much for a first class flight and should not have to listen to a crying screaming child or have their chair kicked from behind. The last flight I took, there was a toddler who screamed the whole way. Why? Because she wanted something that her older sister had or she wanted to get down and run down the isles. It took all I had not to scream myself. My thoughts are that they should have a special, separate, closed off portion of the plane for people traveling with babies and toddlers. All the kids can scream and act out together and all those poor parents can commiserate together. I know, it’ll never happen… This being said I do feel so bad for the parents of these little ones, Poor dad of the toddler referenced above tried so hard to keep her entertained, but nothing would keep her happy for more than a minute or two.

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