Snapshot | Top 5 Books For Success In 2019

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Plus! Morning Habits To Crush The New Year, When Your Identity Keeps You Rooted In Good Or Bad Habits, & 3 Things That’ll Make Your Life Better!

My team tells me you’ve made this weekly Snapshot one of your major go-to’s for 2018! And I just can’t tell you how happy and grateful that makes me feel! It’s my motto to keep things fresh and exciting, so you’ll be seeing some fun additions around these parts! Like, a weekly roundup of my hottest new podcasts (guaranteed to up your game in life and business), and LIVE life hacks!

Speaking of which, I went live on Instagram to introduce you to my TOP 5 LIFE CHANGING BOOKS from last year! It was so freakin’ popular, that I decided it was the perfect way to usher in the New Year’s blog!

(By the way, can you even believe that 2018 is now “last year”? Holy moly.)

Because this is your first Snapshot in 2019, and all everyone is talking about is habits, habits, and more habits… let’s keep today all about YOU and your success in this New Year!


Personal Development Chat – Top 5 Books For Success In 2019!

Self-help, in a variety of different forms, has been around for thousands of years. From proverbs (both biblical and non-biblical) to modern day talk therapy. That said, the INDUSTRY of self-help became its own thing, entirely, toward the latter part of the 20th century — with books, infomercials, and seminars becoming all the rage.

In the U.S. alone, the self-improvement industry is estimated to be worth an astonishing $11 billion! Not to mention, it’s expected to see gains of 5.5% every year!

But the sad reality is that no book can truly turn your life around until YOU are committed to change. And, guess what? Change is scary.

Check out this statistic:

85% of rich people read 2 or more personal development books per month, compared to 15% of those who have tumbleweeds blowing through their bank account.

That is not a coincidence, people! You don’t go to the gym, build up your biceps, and call it a day. You gotta keep it up! The same holds true for mindset.

Listen, I want you to live your best, most rich, life! So, let’s get that started in 2019! Here are 5 personal development books — from health to habits to happiness — which most influenced me last year. And if you do the work, they will 100% change your destiny! Get out that pen and paper (or get ready to screenshot)…

Did you know that the majority of people who buy self-help books don’t read them? I would argue that’s because they don’t have the right triggers in place.

This is, legit, why I created the PUSH Journal! It teaches you how to build systems with triggers — with step by step guidance (by yours truly). Pick up your New Year, New You set today!


Personal Development Chat – Morning Habits To Crush The New Year

It is said that we humans are often creatures of habit. Being as 45% of what we do throughout the day happens with little to no thought, I’d say that old adage is true! But that doesn’t mean we can’t change!

Now, while the aforementioned PUSH Journal will certainly get you on the right path to forming killer habits… here are a few bonus suggestions on how to make your mornings better than ever in 2019!



Personal Development Chat – When Self-Talk Keeps You Rooted In Good Or Bad Habits

I have an exercise for you: Take a moment and think about how you spoke to yourself today. Can you remember all the things your inner voice said? Did it lean toward critical? Judgmental? Or, perhaps, it was sweet and helpful.

Our thinking dictates our emotions and mood. Many times, though, we aren’t even aware of the self-talk going on… as the subconscious mind is often running the show.

Bottom line: What you say to yourself matters. And you can change it. Allow me to elaborate in this next chat.



Podcast Chat – 3 Things That’ll Make Your Life Better!

You must check out my podcasts of the week! These are super special…. I spent a lot of time putting together “Best Of’s” for both The Chalene Show & Build Your Tribe because I want you walking into 2019 with ALL the goods needed for a badass year!






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    • Might be a glitch on the blog via mobile (it works fine on desktop). But if you click on title just above the play button, it’ll take you to YouTube and play just fine!

  1. Chalene Johnson is the bomb dot com. I met Chalene at her Smart Success event and I’ve followed her religiously before the event and since the event. I’m a proud student. I love her energy, her insight and so much more.

    • Might be a glitch on the blog via mobile, but if you click on title just above the play button, it’ll take you to YouTube and play just fine!

  2. Happy New Year Team Johnson!

    The youtube video for Chalene’s top 5 Books is grey and says “video unavailable” I’m using my desktop and there is no tittle above the play button. When I click on the Play button it says ” this video is unavailable”. Is there a different link to access this?

    Thank You! 🙂

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