Why We Ignore Gut Instinct

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One of the big things I’ve been working through, as of late, is understanding why I (and you) — from time to time — ignore red flags, intuition and gut instinct.

Why Do We Ignore Gut Instinct Red Flags and Intuition

Cue: My plastic surgery nightmare experience.

There were moments (I have yet to make public) that I keep flashing back to. Moments I remember arguing with myself,

  • This is wrong…
  • Something doesn’t feel right…
  • I need to get out of here…

While, at the same time, I was having competing thoughts — trying to convince myself everything was okay.

The fact that our gut instinct can be hijacked by the brain is consuming me lately. 

I mean, why is it that some people ignore their gut instinct and others pay attention to it? And when exactly should we listen to our intuition? Is it always right?

Like, so many things in life, that answer might go back to your childhood.

Take, for example, a child who is constantly…

  • reprimanded
  • criticized
  • told they’re wrong

…whenever they offer an opinion on something.

Ignoring Gut Instinct can Stem from Childhood

Psychologists have found that that child will grow up and become someone who replaces their gut feelings — thoughts and questions that would otherwise protect them — with doubt and shame.

So, let’s say you meet someone and immediately don’t trust/believe them. However, involuntarily, you don’t allow yourself much time sitting with your intuition. That’s because self-doubt quickly kicks in if, in your childhood, your opinions/beliefs were discounted. You’re just always automatically poking holes in your own gut instinct.

Or worse, feel shame about it.

The opposite, though, is often true if, as a kid, every time you had…

  • an opinion
  • a gut instinct
  • an idea
  • a belief

…you were supported, validated, heard, understood and listened to.

If a child grows up in that world, then it’s highly likely they will become an adult who rarely questions themselves, has innate self-confidence and feels good about (and trusts) their gut instinct.

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