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Sell your stuff online and make money fast

Even if you have zero experience, tech skills, or spare hours in your day — you can still become a successful reseller!

from what you already own!



You have debts to pay off


You’re taking on more hours at work and never see your family


Or you’re saving up for something special

Then you might love the idea of starting a side hustle… but have no idea where to begin. So many people assume you need lots of money and time to kickstart a side hustle.

But the truth is, there’s a great way you can start making money on the side RIGHT NOW with just what you have in your house.

With the Side Hustle Challenge: Reseller’s Guide, you can make back the cost of the course AND MORE by reselling.

What Our Students Are Saying

Chalene Johnson In Denim Jacket

I’m Chalene Johnson

My husband Bret and I have built several multi-billion dollar brands.

It hasn’t always been like that, though. There was a time when Bret and I were almost $500,000 in debt. We had to work incredibly hard to pay it off and knew that one stream of income just wasn’t enough to get us out of that hole.
I know all too well that feeling of panic when you hand over a credit card, unsure if it will clear or not. And living paycheck to paycheck, never confident that you can make that next mortgage payment.
From trial and error over the years, I also know how easy it is to build different businesses and side hustles.
And while some require a little investment and expertise, you’d be surprised how much you can start to earn with just what you have available to you right now!

Side Hustle Challenge: Reseller’s Guide

5 Days to create money making side hustle

Here’s how we take you from interested to income-producing, in just 5 days!

A Detailed
5-Day Challenge

Kick start your reselling journey, so you can take what’s available to you and make money AS

Daily Homework –
Actionable Worksheet

We know it’s easy to get overwhelmed with a lot of advice. If you want to bring in cash this week, you need to start doing, not just learning!

Tips Worksheet

Our 7-step action plan to finding exactly what you have in your house that you can resell.

Our 20-Page Shipping
Best Practices Guide

All your questions about supplies, costs, and softwares are answered in this comprehensive list.

A Reseller’s
Best Practices List

Plus our advice on 5 of the most common reselling platforms!

Learning Styles

Learn in the way that works for you. All lessons are available as video, audio, and downloadable transcripts.

Interviews and Case Studies

Learn from people who make money online, so you can decide whether reselling – or another profitable side-hustle, is right for you.

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Reseller’s Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know what you have in your house, so I can’t 100% guarantee that you will sell things during the challenge. But I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t have items hoarded away that they don’t use, that are of value to someone else!

We’ve designed this challenge so you can start making money asap, while also thinking about your longer-term goals of bringing in income with a side hustle.

Everything is bite-sized and easy to digest, so you go at your own pace. There are options to watch videos, listen to the audios, or even download the transcripts if you prefer. You can print out the homework sheets or just follow along on your phone or computer, if you prefer. We won’t judge you!

It’s yours for the life of the course!

The challenge is designed to take 5 days, because we know it can be overwhelming to declutter your house and think about setting up a side hustle. But if you listened to all the modules at once, it would only take you a few hours!

The beauty of a course like this is that you can listen along when you have the time, and at whatever pace suits you best. 

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