What To Do When People Are On Your Last Nerve

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Before we get to the juice (or maybe THIS is the juice!), I just had to let you know that we decided to allow people to join the Marketing Impact Academy — indefinitely. 

Normally, we close registration. Oftentimes, people are waiting 9 to 12 months for MIA to open again. However, Team Johnson, Bret and I realize this is a crazy weird time for people. We continue to get so many messages from YOU that look something like,

“I don’t have time to deal with all that’s on my plate right now. There are insane upside-down changes in my life every day! I just need a couple of weeks to process things and then I can set aside time to branch out and help my family!”

We get it.

So, for a limited time, we’re changing the way MIA is structured to serve you. Now (and I’m kind of freaking out about this), we’re going to allow new students to register every two weeks! Just a small group.

If you were worried that you missed the opportunity to join… worry no more.  

To be honest, I don’t know how long we’ll be able to keep going at this rate, but we’re offering it at 60% off. Look, this has never happened before, and people need help. We’re working hard to  be as flexible and as helpful as possible.

Whether or not you have any idea what you want to put out there or what it is you have to offer, it’s all good. That’s our specialty. We’ll guide you, step by step. However, you must have:

  • Desire
  • A “why”
  • Drive

All the info you need is at chalene.com/miaprivate

By the way, I’m obsessed with all the social media tags after our after our 1st (of 4) Live coaching calls! All the Lives go right into the academy — so you don’t miss any of the content. Ever. Oh, and if you’re reading this on mobile, zoom in to see the tags! These are just a few and they make my heart so happy!


As Heard On The Chalene Show, Podcast Feature of the Week, What To Do When People Are On Your Last Nerve, AKA 6 Tips To Improve Communication With Family 

You’re about to hear me explain the concept of the 5 Ws and 1 H — in the hopes it’ll help improve communication and relationships with your family. 

If you don’t know, this is an approach famously employed by journalists who swear that a story is never complete until the Ws and H are all in place!

But can it be used with relationships? 

Well, yes! I’ve tried to take this brilliant concept and show how it can be applied to those you’re currently in isolation with. You’ll hear tons of personal anecdotes from my own life — which may or may not be husband approved. Shhh.

Get ready to learn and maybe even laugh!

In other podcast gems:


As Seen on Facebook: Why I’m Not Leaving My Bedroom

Yes, I know, it’s ironic that I’m sharing a video about needing my alone time when this week’s highlight is centered around family harmony. However, part of that is knowing when you need your space. #balance

We are all in this together, people! I’m guessing you’ll find this little rant relatable…

As Seen On Instagram Feed: New Slide HIIT Workout

Nearly every workout video or series I’ve ever done includes some form of HIIT training / whether it’s low impact or HIGH impact – HIIT training gives you faster results in less time!

Did you know you can try my workouts for free? Yup! My coaching business keeps me too busy to personally provide fitness coaching at this time BUT go here to try hundreds of workouts, including mine, for 2 weeks FREE!

In the meanwhile, check out my newest HIIT!

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Promise me you’re staying home and healthy and taking care of yourself right now! Hit me up in the comments below or in the DMs on IG or FB or Twitter! I’m always listening.




2 responses to “What To Do When People Are On Your Last Nerve”

  1. Hi Chalene-I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your workout series. I stream every one on Beachbody and am hooked! Your energy and down to earth approach keep me motivated. Are you ever going to do another series? I would love to see a kettlebell series using the Selectech kettlebell. Thank you!

  2. I love how organic and relatable you are! You tell it how it is and sometimes that’s exactly what people need to hear. Thanks for sharing your own family frustrations during this time of uncertainty with a taste of humor in your recent family harmony podcast- loved the part about running out of ice lol!

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