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– If you are detail-oriented and make lists and schedules in your sleep…

– If you want to work a part-time and remote job with a badass company…

– If you love to manage team projects and budgets…

– If you can problem-solve with creativity, grace, and reliability…

– If you can be decisive, assertive and hate being micromanaged…

Then we want to talk to you!


Team Johnson is looking for a JOB TITLE. The responsibilities of the JOB TITLE include

To be successful as a JOB TITLE, you should have QUALITIES.

This position is open to anyone in the world, and you will work remotely as a TYPE. You can expect to work HOURS.
The expected pay range is RANGE

We value:

  1. Item 1

  2. Item 2

  3. Item 3

Required Skill Set:

  1. Hard Skill 1

  2. Hard Skill 2

  3. Hard Skill 3

  4. Tech Stack Needs

  5. Soft Skill 1

  6. Soft Skill 2


Specific Tasks:

  1. Task 1

  2. Task 2

  3. Task 3

  4. Task 4

  5. Task 5


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