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I created my 30 Day PUSH Program to teach people how to live their life by their priorities, work Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 10.57.23 AMmore efficiently, and create goals that are in line with their priorities. One of the key concepts to the program is creating a PUSH goal, which I was noticing a lot of people getting stuck on. People were struggling to determine WHICH goal was their push goal. So on one of my drives home from Brock’s basketball game, I had an epiphany! I had been teaching others to goal set a certain way, but I was actually doing it slightly different for myself, and I didn’t even realize it until the other day! Originally I taught others to create about 10 goals then to go through their goals and determine which goal will set the other goals into motion, like a domino effect. Typically a PUSH goal is financially based, however not always. Nevertheless, I realized that this was the wrong approach, and wasn’t was I was actually doing. So in the podcast I talk to you about a NEW and better way to approach goal setting… a way that will help you easily determine your PUSH goal so that your other goals are achievable!

I want you to set 9 to 10 goals for the next 90 days – in 90 day’s you will repeat this.

Here are some areas you can set goals in:
– Purpose / Career
– Marriage / Romantic Life
– Physical Health and Fitness
– Mental Health
– Friendships
– Faith / Spirituality
– Get Smarter / Personal Development
– Hobby / Recreation / Just for Fun

You don’t necessarily need to create goals in each of these categories, however this list can help you determine some areas that might need more focus. Remember that your goals should be measurable, so yourself and someone else should be able to tell if it’s been achieved – “getting healthy” is not a proper goal.

Your goals should make you a little nervous and make you almost a little nervous to tell someone else because they might doubt it occurring… but YOU won’t! Goals should push you to work hard and if you get butterflies thinking about it, you’re on the right track.

Once you’ve written out your 9 to 10 goals, put a dash by each one and write out everything that needs to occur for that goals to be accomplished. Once you’ve done that, THEN create your PUSH goal… the goal that will create a domino effect for all of your other goals.

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Time Codes:
0:06 Courageous Confidence Club www.courageousconfidenceclub.com
0:50 Intro to the Chalene Show
1:36 PUSH Goal explanation – make a list of 9 to 10 goals, then there’s 1 goal that creates a domino effect and makes the other goals happen
2:50 The PUSH goal is typically financially based
3:30 When creating your goals, don’t focus on the one that’s the most emotionally driven, focus on the one that is going set your life in the direction of accomplishing your other goals
4:06 Check out my FREE online course that teaches you how to be more effective, and set goals that align with your purpose www.30daypush.com
4:50 People seem to get really stuck on their PUSH goal
6:36 Set your list of goals for the next 90 days as opposed to the entire year
7:11 Look at the list and in retrospect, CREATE a PUSH goal that will set off the domino effect
7:40 What needs to happen to get these goals accomplished
8:50 Confidence is just like building strength, it can increase and grow with the right exercises
11:10 Knowledge makes us feel alive and pushes us to continue to grow
11:30 Set a goal that gives you just pure joy and brings you happiness
13:00 Remember your goals need measure
13:35 Write your goals free form
14:22 Create goals that make you a little nervous, that when you write them you think “it would be so crazy cool if this happened.”
15:40 Interrupt the show to talk about confidence – I want to encourage you to check out the members of this amazing group are saying about the Courageous Confidence Club
16:20 Look at your list, put a dash next to each goal then write out everything that needs to occur for that goal to be accomplished
19:01 Once you sat down and written your 9 to 10 goals, and what needs to happen for each to be accomplished, NOW think about your PUSH goal… what goal do you need to set for yourself that will act as a domino effect and set all the other goals into motion
21:50 A lot of people know that they want to achieve greatness and know that they have a lot to offer the world, but they hold themselves back
23:50 Leave me a message and tell me what your PUSH goal is!

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