Podcast – Our Holiday Tradition | 10 Envelope Challenge

My family  and I have an annual tradition — called, “10 Envelopes” — we’ve been doing since our children were very young. Today, I explain this uplifting ritual in detail and why performing an act of kindness for a total stranger can inspire both of you. I’ll also challenge you to start your very own holiday tradition!


You’ll find out:

  • Who prompted me to record this episode for you earlier than usual
  • How we felt right after 9/11
  • All the details behind this tradition
  • Why what’s in the envelope has very little to do with touching people’s hearts
  • How to approach the stranger
  • Our experience doing this tradition last year, during Covid
  • Places we like to go to perform this tradition
  • Why it’s important to have a plan to execute this tradition
  • Why I’m sharing this tradition publicly


Check out sample letters:

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