Podcast – 10 Steps to Start a Business

There is a big difference between starting a business and just making extra online income. On today’s Quick Tip Tuesday, I’ll share 10 steps in sequential order on how to start a business.


You’ll find out:

  • How mindset plays a role in starting a business vs making passive income online
  • What investing in a business means to your overall emotional wellbeing
  • How insatiable curiosity plays a major role in your business
  • The step that most often kills would-be business owners
  • Why market research is imperative to your business success
  • Why being relentless in pursuit of knowledge for business role models is essential
  • The power of reverse engineering your time
  • What planning an execution is exactly
  • Why deciding on your business’s name isn’t as important as many think
  • When it’s really time to start your social media (for your biz)
  • Why you must grow your team!



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