Podcast – How to 10x Instagram Engagement with One Hack

On today’s Quick Tip Tuesday, I’ll share one hack that has the potential to 10x your Instagram engagement! Sure, it’s an audacious claim, but put it to the test and see for yourself! It’s all about Carousel posts and a clever way to use the Instagram algorithm to maximize your reach. When you hear the details, you’ll be smacking yourself upside the head for not trying it sooner because it’s THAT easy & obvious! But hey, that’s what I’m here for, right?


You’ll find out…

  • What Instagram really wants you to do (and, ultimately, reward you for)
  • What is a Carousel post
  • Why you have a higher likelihood of getting more engagement using a Carousel post
  • What Instagram does behind the scenes to help your Carousel post perform better
  • If you should you still care about LIKES even though the public can’t see them
  • The benefit of looking at your Insights on IG and how to use them for max growth



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