Podcast – These 11 Habits Destroy Confidence

While I’ve covered the subject of confidence many times on the show before, today I come at it from an entirely new angle. I’ll share 11 habits that can actually kill your confidence.


You’ll find out:

  • Why you need to be aware of how often you’re apologizing
  • What is not caring about your appearance
  • Why it’s important to be self-aware in how you talk about yourself
  • How the company you keep may diminish your confidence
  • What is an inauthentic life and how it leads to a lack of confidence
  • How negative beliefs from childhood may be diminishing your confidence today
  • Why we often minimize our accomplishments
  • Why/how comparison can destroy confidence (and how to stop)
  • What is the language of abundance and how it affects your confidence
  • How living in the past ruins your self-confidence



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