Podcast – The 2021 Declutter Project Part 6 | Step by Step How to Resell Your Clothes

Welcome to the final episode in this 6-part series on decluttering! If you’ve been following along, then you definitely NEED this show. Today, we’re taking those great items you put aside from your closet cleanout and reselling them! 

My guest is Leslie Tucker, an expert in the world of online reselling platforms. Leslie went from working a full time job — and reselling as a hobby — to retiring from her job and running a full time reselling business. You’ll get step-by-step tips on how to start, what to sell, what platforms to use and so much more. Seriously, you won’t believe all the information packed in this one episode!

When you learn that you don’t need money to start making money, it could be the catalyst to change your life (and your family’s life)!


You’ll find out:

  • Leslie’s backstory
  • How Leslie’s husband factored into her reselling journey
  • How quickly Leslie received her 1st online income payment
  • The plan Leslie came up with once she saw the options and potential to make decent money from reselling
  • How long it took Leslie to execute said plan
  • Did Leslie have to invest money in her pursuits to resell her stuff?
  • How much business experience plays a role, if any, in your success in reselling
  • Leslie walks us through the process of cleaning out your stuff!
  • How to get organized enough so that you know where to start in the decluttering process
  • How to decide what is a donate or a sell
  • Are minor repairs to your clothes and things imperative before you sell them?
  • Should you clean your clothes before selling?
  • How to know how to price your items
  • How to systemize the process of selling your things
  • The best way to write descriptions for your items
  • Is it important to note the imperfections on your items when selling?
  • Tips for shipping
  • Best apps for reselling
  • Why Leslie recommends starting on eBay
  • What is a bundle
  • Why Poshmark may be the platform for you
  • If/when you should start an Instagram account re: your reselling
  • Should you wait to sell seasonal items per their season
  • How to set limits so you don’t turn into a hoarder (for selling all things you see)
  • Disadvantages being a new seller
  • What to expect in dealing with your items being returned (and how to handle it)



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