Podcast – 25 Best Email Subject Lines

I recently polled my over 700k followers on Instagram and asked “What subject lines have you read that made you open that email?”

With over 26k responses, I feel the results are super telling and instructive! So today, I’ll share the top 25 subject lines that grabbed people’s attention and — most importantly — made them open the email. You may be surprised at the winners VS what I loved the most. But either way, the hope is that this episode provides ideas and guidance for your next email subject line!


You’ll find out:

  • The importance of making the subject line something people asked for
  • What is a clickbait email
  • What is leading with the transformation
  • What is a value-based email
  • Why you should use all lower case letters in your subject lines (usually)
  • Why you should reframe (some of) the subject lines below so that they work for you / your brand
  • Sneak peek into next week’s Quick Tip Tuesday

Best Email Subject Lines (from my poll) in no particular order:

  • do you need a butt-kicking?
  • order tracking update
  • what’s next???
  • you’re special and so is this…
  • your order is on the way
  • I need your help
  • open your eyes
  • Buy one get one free
  • hang out with me for an hour
  • I am 💩 my pants excited
  • did you do this?
  • very boring, but very important (please read)
  • I screwed up / I’m sorry / I blew it
  • our biggest ______ of the year (fill in the blank: giveaway, sale, tip, event, takeaway, etc.)
  • Action required
  • per our conversation… can I ask a question? (or… can I ask a favor?)
  • you’re gorgeous
  • have you given up on this?
  • huh?

Examples of Transformational subject lines:

  • wanna gain 10,000 followers overnight?
  • lose 10 pounds over the holidays!
  • finally, relief from anxiety!
  • get an extra hour of sleep tonight
  • enjoy your most productive week ever
  • younger-looking skin in 30 days!

Examples of Fear of Missing Out / Setting the Urgency / Time Sensitive subject lines: 

  • don’t let your 33% off membership exclusive slip away
  • last opportunity in 2021
  • Last chance! This goes away at midnight
  • limited run
  • limited quantities
  • Hurry! Selling out fast!
  • we’ll never make this offer again
  • just a few spots left! (first come, first serve)

Examples of Curiosity (“what the heck?”) subject lines:

  • I took my mom to buy a rubber dress
  • the time that I peed my pants in public
  • the most expensive mistake I ever made
  • well, that was embarrassing

Any subject line that uses the word sale (but keep in mind these are more likely to end up in the spam folder):

  • our biggest sale of the year
  • our Black Friday sale
  • because we love you – flash sale today!

Examples of Value-Based email subject lines:

  • my top 5 Spotify playlists for workouts
  • download my free social media content calendar
  • 5 binge-worthy Netflix series
  • CliffsNotes of the 3 best books I’ve read this year
  • my top 10 holiday picks
  • steal these top 25 email subject lines (which I’ll be sending to MIA members!)

Examples of simple email subject lines:

  • hi
  • zip in, check out
  • what’s up?
  • how are you? no really, how are you?
  • please open
  • please read
  • please respond
  • thinking about you

Examples of controversial subject lines:

  • you deserve to know the truth
  • this shocked me
  • I am speechless 😮🙊
  • I have never shared this publicly before
  • why I left the fitness industry



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