Podcast – 30-Day Instagram Challenge to Grow Your Reach & Followers

On this Quick Tip Tuesday, Brock challenges you to join him in his 30-Day FREE Instagram Challenge! If you participate, you’re almost guaranteed to experience tremendous growth on your IG account — from reach to followers! Plus, he’ll offer his 5 top tips to make this challenge easy and successful!


You’ll find out:

  • How we define Viral For Me
  • The 4 things Brock promises will happen if you take the challenge
  • Why you’ll be more comfortable on camera after taking the challenge
  • How to track your results
  • Why it’s so important to batch your content
  • Why it’s not possible to be perfect out the gate
  • Why perfection will stand in your way of seeing this challenge through (and how to let it go)
  • Why participating with a friend will increase your levels of success
  • How to build accountability for this challenge with your followers



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