3K Selling on Periscope with Dr. Mcayla

This is a story of Dr. Mcayla, she’s an online expert, but in addition to that, she runs a full time practice out of her office, seeing clients. And her expertise is not technology. So in this episode, you will hear how she too, was able to create a baby or an introductory offer, and find out exactly how that worked for her to understand what products and programs to develop next, how to create a beta test that allows you to improve and to make the adjustments to a course, and make it even better, and then increase the price and figure out what is that price threshold.

All of that and more, in today’s episode.

Off to the show. So I’m here today with Dr. Mcayla. And Dr. Mcayla is a graduate of the Marketing Impact Academy. She’s also a renowned expert and a brain expert. She also a fantastic businesswoman, and a speaker, motivational speaker, and has helped to change thousands of people’s lives by helping them to find solutions online, which is a fantastic thing for other people to hear especially in your industry because I think you would agree most doctors assume, well, I’ve got to see my patients, treat them.

– The interview –

Dr. Mcayla:      Absolutely, it’s got to be face to face, which is how they get stuck in the office. But it’s that transition that they’re afraid to make. They transition that they’re afraid is like I mentioned earlier, they’re afraid to make the transition because they’ll lose what they already have if they make the transition, meaning the transition from seeing people in person, like trading time for money, to helping people online, they’re afraid to make that transition because they think they’ll lose their –

Chalene Johnson:        They’ll lose their clientele.

Dr. Mcayla:      Yeah, their bread and butter.

Chalene Johnson:        What about the – I’m sorry to interrupt. What about the – is there a stigma in your industry like, that you’re not supposed to be doing this?

Dr. Mcayla:      You mean as a clinician?

Chalene Johnson:        Yeah.

Dr. Mcayla:      Absolutely.

Chalene Johnson:        Oh, there is?

Dr. Mcayla:      Absolutely. We have so many rules, we’ve got a board, I think you have to really be comfortable with A, who you are, you have to like yourself, and you have to not be afraid you’re going to lose your clientele, and you have to just be yourself and go out there. And it’s everything that they teach you not to do in school, basically.

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