Podcast – My 4-Week Niching Down Experiment | Quick Tip Tuesday

Being able to niche down can be so important and impactful in your business. But, for various reasons, it can also be quite difficult to do. This applies to me, as well. So, on this Quick Tip Tuesday, I’ll share the process for my 4-week niching down experiment and the surprising results that occurred!


You’ll also find out:

  • Why niching down is challenging for so many
  • My surprising analogy re: niching vs dating
  • Real-life stories of those who niched down their brand and how
  • What happens when you get more and more specific with your niche
  • How I niched down several of my accounts – even further
  • Why audience response to niching down is so much more personal
  • How I took advantage of the fitness niche way back in the day
  • How I’ve continually revised my niche
  • Why I’m always open to changing up my niche



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