Podcast – 5 Biggest Branding Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Whether you’re just starting out in business or you’re already established, it’s never too late or too early to clarify your brand identity. Today, I’ll go over the 5 biggest mistakes businesses make when it comes to branding. 


You’ll find out:

  • Why feelings guide our choices as customers
  • Brands I’m loyal to and why
  • Why the vibe you’re going for (in your brand) should dictate everything
  • Supportive examples of big brands and the vibe they give off
  • Why you have to take yourself out of the equation when developing your brand
  • Why the voice of your brand matters more than you think
  • How / why we changed the branding for 131 Method (now Phase It Up)
  • My challenge to you re: your social media
  • The branding trend that no longer works on social media
  • The importance of letting your brand evolve



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