Podcast – 5 Questions to Answer in Your Next Instagram Live or Webinar

Over the years, I have learned there are 5 simple questions you should be answering whenever speaking live in front of an audience. And this is true regardless of the platform — Facebook, Instagram, webinar, virtual event, in-person on stage, etc. Today, I’ll reveal those 5 questions and explains why it’s so important they’re always included in your live talk.


You’ll find out:

  • My appreciation for you re: this podcast
  • How to start your live talk
  • The ONE overriding theme of every social media episode on BYT
  • The importance of sharing the problem, solution and possibilities
  • The mistake most speakers make
  • Why I don’t consider myself a motivational speaker
  • When to include a Call To Action
  • The cardinal rule of advertising
  • Why the less takeaways you give your audience the better



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