5 Tips to Build Your Online Business with guest Bob Heilig

I had to have Bob on today because he one of our Marketing Impact All-Stars!  Bob is someone who I think is really important for you to hear from for many reasons.  In 6 months time, he went from being a self-professed failure to a someone who was able to build a 6 figure business.  His story is incredible and I think you are going to take a lot away from this interview.
Check out Bob’s website:  www.BobHeilig.com
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Here are Bob’s Top 5 tips:
1. Focus on building a strong personal brand for yourself online and on social media.  A well developed and clearly defined personal brand helps you stand out from the competition.  When building a business it’s important to understand that people don’t join companies, they join other people.  A strong personal brand helps you demonstrate your value to the marketplace and helps attract people to you like a magnet.  Make sure you have great quality images and design when it comes to your social media profiles and / or your website.  In my opinion, design is not something you can afford to skimp on or ignore.  You only get one chance to make a first impression.  This is especially important for network marketers.  Most network marketers are nothing more than infomercials for their specific company.  All the content they create is about their company, products, or services.  You need to learn how to demonstrate your value as a potential business partner and the easiest way to do that is to build your own personal brand.  Stop promoting your company and start promoting yourself and watch your business explode.
2. The fastest way to massive success in any business is to out teach your competition.  You don’t have to already be super successful or an expert to be an effective teacher.  When you look at most of the hall of fame coaches in every sport, most of them weren’t super star players.  I believe that one of the reasons why I have been able to build a personal brand and business so quickly is because much of the free training I give away every day is better than what many other people charge for.  Since day one, I’ve always given my best stuff away for free.  I focused on adding value to people and making sure that every piece of content I put out there, I teach someone something.  Do that long enough and people will eventually start looking at you as an authority in whatever area you are focusing.  I don’t care how late to the game you think you are, or how many other people are in your niche putting out content – the cream will always rise to the top.
3. Be consistent and put out content DAILY.  Consistency is the key when building your brand online.  The easiest way to come up with daily content is to practice the I.L.T. approach.  I.L.T. stands for Invest / Learn / Teach.  Start to increase the amount of time and money you spend every day on your own learning, and begin to teach others what you learn.  Very few people get the ‘T’ part of this equation.  They focus on learning and growth but never take the additional step to teach others what they learn.  You need to stop thinking like a consumer and start to think like a marketer.  When you begin to think like a marketer you are looking at everything that happens around you as an opportunity to create content and teach other people.  When you start to think this way you come to the realization that every single note you have ever taken and your notebooks are literally un cashed checks.
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4. Start leveraging the power of live video to build your brand and grow your business online.  There is no faster way to build your brand and business online than by creating videos.  Videos will accelerate the know / like / trust factor with your audience.  When someone knows / likes / trusts you – they will buy from you.  Live video is so powerful because it’s the best way for people to really get a sense of who you truly are as a person.  Don’t feel like you need to be someone you aren’t to be successful doing videos.  The key to success when it comes to creating videos is to be your own authentic self.  Everything that makes you uniquely you, all your little quirks and thing that you do, that’s what’s going to help you build a strong following.  Eventually people will find you that are just like you, and identify with your style of teaching, etc.  Much of the content that I teach people, they can get from other people.  They buy it from me however, because they like the way I deliver the content and my style.  I put off doing videos for years out of fear of the unknown and what other people would think of me.  If you are like me, my message to you is this, “Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.”  That’s what you’re doing if fear is keeping you from sharing yourself and what you know with the world.  You have information right now, this very second, that if you were willing to share could make a difference in someone else’s life.
5. Prepare for the “magnet effect”.  When you start out creating daily content, especially videos, be ready for the negative people and haters.  The only way you can attract the people you want, is to repel the ones you don’t want.  The more successful you become and the bigger impact you make in the world, the more haters you will have.  It’s important to understand that it has nothing to do with you.  When you have someone you are close to (family or friends) that are negative towards you, it’s more a reflection on themselves.  You become a reminder of what they wish they could be, but don’t have the courage to try.  It’s easier to try and just knock you down then it is to step outside of their own comfort zone and try to improve their lives.  Most of these people just don’t see themselves doing more.  They’re volunteer victims and all they like to do is complain about their circumstances.  Focus on the people that your content is inspiring and making a difference in their lives.

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