6 Steps to Bust a Rut

“Rut” is usually what people say they are in when they aren’t happy. We think of a rut is being “stuck in the same routine” but if you LOVE YOUR ROUTINE, you’re happy and most would describe it as a rut, but rather blissfully predictable.

The goal is to find balance in all 10 areas of your life:Untitled_design-3_copy
– Health and fitness
– Physical environment (home or office)
– Mental wellness
– Romance
– Immediate family and friends
– Purpose and or work
– Spirituality and faith
– Financial
– Pure Joy (hobbies )
– Growth (self-improvement)


What must change – no more than 3 very specific things
a. 200 pushups a day
b. 1 hour of work every day on getting my house organized
c. 1 date night per week

Set a Start Date and an end date – Like a Challenge

Get a Partner – Help someone else in the process

Inventory Your Successes – Stop focusing on the goal, and enjoy all the stops along the way. Take inventory of your success, the little wins you’ve had already. If you’re really stuck in a rut, if your’e really in a negative place, pull out a pen and piece of paper and call a friend. But do me a favor… don’t argue with them. Stop rejecting compliments and kind words. To inventory your Success is to practice gratitude. Gratitude in key to our happiness, health and an attitude of abundance. Only when you are grateful for what you have and what you’ve done and all that you’ve accomplish will you be blessed with more.

Develop a Growth Plan – Personal growth includes reading, listening to podcasts, becoming a student either a virtual student of an online academy, going back to school. Doing your own self-paced learning, personal growth is time reading that improves a skill, knowledge, character and relationships. Personal growth will give you motivation, make you feel more resilient, it immediately boosts confidence, and self-belief. Personal growth helps us to be more focused and effective and gives us a sense of direction. Personal growth allows us to be honest with ourselves and self-aware which in turn improves relationship.

Change your perspective – You get what you’re ready for. What you keep saying to yourself becomes your reality. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from and whatever you are dealing with, you have control over one thing… your attitude. You can decide right now that things could be worse. Decide right now that they’re not that bad. No matter how close to the bottom you feel, god has a purpose and plan for you life. He gives you only what he knows you can handle. You have greatness within you. Get up off the floor. Wipe away your tears. Stop being the victim. You are a survivor. Do something. Do something today. Do something right now.

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