Podcast – 6 Things To Improve in 2020

Today’s show was inspired by Bret and I’s recent review of what we learned in 2019! This frank analysis, if you will, has shown us how to proceed in 2020 — both in business and personal life. So, I’ll share the 6 most crucial things we took away from the past year — some of our actions in 2019 worked while others didn’t — in the hopes it brings you clarity, inspiration, and guidance for a killer New Year!


You’ll find out…

  • Why I waited to open Bret’s Christmas card (which, in many ways, was the impetus for this episode)
  • The value of pausing in business and how to do so
  • How to act fast in business the right way
  • How / why Bret and I now schedule our vacations and speaking events ahead of time
  • Details behind my new wall calendar and how I use it
  • Where we plan to travel / work this year
  • The power of public personal responsibility
  • Why you must (and how to) look at the big picture
  • Why it’s crucial to remember that it’s all not that big of a deal and have faith in God
  • A tragic personal anecdote that put things into perspective during my busiest time of the year



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