Podcast – Got Kids? | The Secret to 7 Figures Without a Nanny with Cathy Heller

Today, I sit down with fellow podcast host, Cathy Heller (Don’t Keep Your Day Job). Cathy is a singer / songwriter, mother of 3 young girls and has figured out how to create the life and career of her dreams. You’ll hear what it takes to make a living (and then some!) at something that’s considered, perhaps, unconventional WHILE showing up as a great and present mom! I was super inspired and got crazy educated  — with my energy levels through the roof — after doing this interview! And I know you’ll feel the same!


You’ll find out…

  • How to deal with the overwhelming feeling that you have to crush it with your business and be the best mom
  • How the choices Cathy’s mom made influenced her (both positively and negatively)
  • If it’s possible to live your purpose when you’re a full-time mom
  • Why the thought of finding our purpose scares people so much
  • Cathy’s background as a musician, artist
  • Was Cathy’s family supportive of her dream?
  • Cathy’s story/journey of being signed by a record label and then, later, dropped — and how it became a blessing in her life
  • How Cathy successfully got back into the music/tv industry after working real-life / fallback type jobs
  • The takeaway from Cathy’s story if you’re not in music
  • Why breaking down doors isn’t about having a solution, but, rather, connecting with people
  • The strategy to foster relationships in biz
  • How Cathy transitioned into making her 1st online course
  • The power of making it messy when producing your online course (or any creative / biz venture)
  • The impetus for Cathy starting her podcast
  • Why Cathy feels her pod stood out and became successful
  • Cathy’s sixth sense for seeing pain in others
  • Why having famous guests on your podcast doesn’t necessarily translate into popular episodes
  • The formula for a successful creative venture
  • Cathy’s system for productivity
  • What to do when you have the right mindset to achieve your goals, but have so many responsibilities / distractions pulling you in different directions
  • How Cathy cuts out all the “fat” in her day to see her projects realized
  • Why we continue to tell ourselves a narrative that doesn’t serve us
  • Why you’re busy for 8 hours a day pursing your thing and not getting ahead
  • A personal anecdote of Cathy’s client who achieved unbelievable success with her vegan brand (including getting on Shark Tank)— in less than a year


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