Podcast – 7 Instagram Trend Predictions for 2021

Today, Brock shares 7 predictions for what he believes will trend on Instagram in 2021. You’ll hear him break down why he thinks each of his predictions will come to fruition — with statistics to back it all up. So, if you’re looking to grow your business on Instagram, these forecasts for the (still) New Year will prove super helpful and important!


You’ll also find out:

  • The value of soon-to-be 60-second reels
  • The first place people look when they open the IG app
  • How many Instagram Stories you should be posting a day
  • Brock’s thoughts on the future of Micro Influencer brand deals
  • What is improved search-ability
  • The one prediction Brock is actually praying for
  • Why Brock thinks IG will be more real and less “pretty” this year
  • Why shopping on Instagram might be the next big feature on the platform



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