Podcast – 7 Signs It’s Time To Let Go of a Friendship

True friendship is a 2-way street. It’s a mutual relationship where you share your greatest joys, worst fears, biggest accomplishments, and deepest sorrows. But not all friends value reciprocity. There are friendships that are one-sided or just feel like too much work to maintain. Situations such as this may lead one to wonder, “Why am I even friends with this person?” Well, in today’s episode, I’ll help as I share my 7 signs it may be time to let go of a friendship.


You’ll find out…

  • Why we struggle with the decision to let a friend go
  • What options you have when realizing a friendship is over
  • The only time when you might want to explain to someone why you want to move on from the friendship
  • The importance of not judging a friendship based on a current season
  • The questions you need to ask yourself when conflicted over a friendship
  • How I realized I was seeking out the wrong friends back in the day
  • How to recognize if you’re being yourself in a friendship
  • Why it’s selfish to stay in a friendship for another person’s happiness
  • When “remember when” stories just don’t cut it anymore
  • How I define immature in a friend and why I won’t tolerate it
  • Personal anecdotes in regard to friendships in my life that fizzled



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