Podcast – 8 Tips to Be Successful at Affiliate Marketing

Recently, Brock did an episode titled: “Affiliate Marketing Vs Brand Partnerships” — where he compared and contrasted the two. After the episode was published, many listeners asked for tips / ideas on how to be successful at affiliate marketing, specifically. Well, on today’s Quick Tip Tuesday, Brock provides!


You’ll also find out:

  • The importance of talking to your audience like they’re your friend
  • Why video is powerful for affiliate marketing
  • Be authentic and talk about the pros and the cons of a product
  • Why you shouldn’t refer to your audience in generalities
  • How to share links the right way on social media
  • Vary the way you promote a certain product
  • Why you should treat your promotion like a product review
  • The value in remembering you’re not selling but, rather, recommending



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