8 Tips to Improve your SEO on Instagram

Did you know that Instagram and TikTok are becoming the go-to search engine for many people? 

So, are you utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your social media posts? 

Today, Brock shares 8 tips (like, how to best utilize keywords) that’ll ensure you get the best SEO results — specifically for Instagram!


You’ll find out:

  • A recent study that confirms people use IG / TikTok for their searching needs (over Google!)
  • Brock’s definition of SEO
  • How these 8 tips are centered around the same idea
  • What exactly is a keyword
  • Where you want to strategically place your keywords
  • Why your spoken audio matters
  • How captions play a role in SEO
  • The surprising way comments can improve your searchability
  • Are hashtags still helpful?
  • What exactly is your Instagram name and how to best utilize it
  • The MOST searchable tool in all of Instagram



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