Podcast – A Personal Alzheimer’s Update | Alzheimer’s Chronicles Volume 3

In past episodes, both Bret and I have shared our experiences with Bret’s dad (and his Alzheimer’s journey). Today, we’ll give you an update — including a Thanksgiving holiday visit from Bret’s mom and dad — filled with lots of emotion, struggle, joy and humor. If you (or someone you know) happen to be going through something similar, then this show will provide immense value and comfort. 


You’ll also find out:

  • Where Bret’s dad, Bob, is currently in his health
  • What I see in Bret’s dad’s eyes (that is very hard to see)
  • What Bret’s mom decided to do (that involved a move)
  • The revelation I’ve had through this process about parents
  • How we discussed (and planned for) all the risks involved for Bret’s parents arrival
  • Personal recordings from our lives, pre and post the arrival of Bret’s parents
  • What surprised Bret the most about his father’s condition this time around
  • Great things that came out of this recent visit with Bret’s parents
  • Why it’s important to give “jobs” to those with Alzheimer’s
  • Funny moments with Bob
  • Why you should reach out to those who are caretakers
  • The kind of TikToks I’ve recently been watching
  • Books I recommend if you’re going through a similar journey



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